‘The apartment has grown around us’

In Williamsburg, a couple makes a home in just 400 square feet.

Watch How to Make One of Food52-ers’ Favorite Fall Recipes

Brown butter butternut rolls, brown butter butternut rolls…try saying that ten times fast!

From Fun-Loving to Inspired by Travel, 8 Espresso Drinks for Many Whims

Lately, I’ve been testing the waters with espresso drinks, either while visiting new places in the U.S. or abroad.

How To Do Frito Pie Like A High School Concession Stand

There’s something satisfying about heaping everything into a tiny bag of crunchy corn chips. layered-up chili, chopped onions, cheese, and a little sour cream.

Here’s How to Chill Any Wine in 7 Minutes Flat

A trick for chilling any bottle in seven minutes.

One Chef’s Three-Ingredient, Crunchy Avocado Snack

Of the dish’s inception, Tartine co-founder Liz Prueitt mentioned that her mind was wandering among, of all things, Scotch eggs.

Spicy, Just-Saucy-Enough Sloppy Joes, Minus the Meat

Consider the walnut-mushroom sloppy joe.

Macerate Citrus (And Make This Trifle) Before Winter’s End

Macerate citrus with an acidic bedfellow: vinegar and make a trifle.

Who Gets to—or Should—Tell the Stories of Immigrants and Their Foodways?

A question explored at the 2017 Food Media South symposium hosted by Southern Foodways Alliance.

The What, Why, and How of Induction Cooktops (Plus 4 Compatible Metals)

A primer on the types of cookware that’ll work with induction.

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