Samantha Weiss Hills is a writer, recipe tester and developer, and sommelier who bounces between Bloomington, Indiana and New York City.

Currently a Contributing Editor at Curbed, Samantha has worked at institutions like the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art, helmed communications and partnerships for Food Book Fair, a festival of food writing, and most recently was the Partnerships Editor for Food52, where she dreamt up and executed branded content and programming for hundreds of partners.

Her writing has appeared in Architectural Digest, EaterFood52, Curbed, The Week, Driftless Magazine, and more. Samantha is an Adjunct Instructor at The Media School at Indiana University and works with UChicago Arts and the Logan Center at the University of Chicago. She’s currently recipe testing for Dominique Ansel Bakery. She also advises local restaurants on their wine lists.

Find her on:

or shoot her an email at samantha.c.weiss@gmail.com.

(James Ransom took this photo.)

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