You Don’t Need to Wait for a Celebration to Pop One of the Best Champagnes

Sommeliers, chefs, and winemakers share their picks.

How Chris Bletzer Turned a Rarely-Used Room Into a Useful Home Office

Sleeper sofa to the rescue.

A curated midcentury home amid winding hills

Eclectic collections of furniture and objects fill the classic post-and-beam space.

Please Don’t Pet My Dog Right Now

Why I’m instituting a no-petting policy while social distancing.

Progress in Pilsen: The Hive at El Paseo Community Garden

El Paseo Community Garden collaborates with young architects.

My dad is a real Bob the Builder

I spent my childhood observing my dad at work, but I didn’t understand everything that went into it until we began a project together.

Starry-eyed first-time homebuyers fall for a Victorian—and land in a massive remodel

The warm renovation reflects the Hudson Valley home’s history.

Refreshing a classic home in an English village

The 19th-century stone house is a masterful blend of old and new.

A home from the ground up, built with nature in mind

An architect’s home brings a New Zealand mindset to Vancouver’s coastline.

Converting a Lower East Side home, with room for craft

The custom millwork and plaster walls tie the apartment’s present to the building’s past.

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